Play/Subplay development plan vote

At present, the Play test network has successfully passed the test. There are no major issues, and some minor issues will be fixed once the Play network is officially launched. Play start-up plan has basically been completed; all that is left is to launch the official main network, but Play won’t take off if it just launches the mainnet and doesn’t do anything afterwards. So I set up this plan, and holders could either send token to 5E1sjYVKXosAWXutpj5qiCi3ZwEFBvAdqwJrCSn36F6GEX31 on the new test network to say yes to this plan, or send token to 5CtcUo6BYp7UXK8wfBgv1EoxpowdYabofjA5Y1vwmgbm9ybZ to say no to this plan. I will count the balance of the two addresses at 24:00 on January 21st. If the balance of the former is greater than the latter, I will start the main network and carry out future work according to this plan. If not, I will still start the main network and the primary token distribution will be exactly the same as the beta test network, but I will no longer volunteer for this work. Just like a normal owner, I will expect someone else to promote or develop Play. The plan can be broadly divided into the following three parts:

1, Name the official mainnet Subplay (token name still uses PLAY)

The name Play is easy to remember, but it’s a common word that feels too casual and not serious enough. It also makes it hard to promote, if anyone is interested in the chain, and to search for the word. The Play chain is likely to be overwhelmed by other information. Therefore, I plan to name it Subplay, because this chain - like polkadot and other chains - is based on Substrate technology, so the two are merged and called Subplay. On the one hand, it respects the opinions of AP, and on the other hand, it improves the recognition of the chain. At the same time, sub has the meaning of underground, so subplay can also be understood as subPlayGround or subPlayStation, giving a cool cyberpunk feel, which is also in line with its initial intended use as the substrate developer to practice and test.

2, Official mainnet will add 200 million Play tokens as a development fund for the development, publicity and promotion of Subplay in the future. Including but not limited to

(1) Create and maintain a history node, develop a blockchain browser or apply for an existing blockchain browser, so that users can easily check the detailed history of their account;

(2) Reward the validators. Due to the low price of Play currency at the initial stage, the income obtained by the verifier according to the default setting of the system cannot cover the server cost of the validators. Therefore, additional rewards are required at the initial stage to attract enough validators to participate.

(3) Airdrops to target people such as substrate developers to attract more people to join.

(4) Invite other good Substrate projects to deploy to the Subplay chain. Increases the vitality of Subplay.

(5) Apply for PLAY to put on wallet, exchange and so on.

(6) Award any team or individual who contributes to Subplay. For example: developers who create applications on Subplay, volunteers who translate Chinese information such as using tutorials into English, ordinary users or KOLs who are eager to promote Subplay on social media, etc.

3, I will work full time for Subplay throughout 2021, but in return I will receive 167.88 million Play tokens as an incentive, so the initial total amount of Play will be 1.3 billion. But I promise that the 167.88 million tokens that reward me will not be sold through the whole of 2021. I will do the following work including but not limited to:

(1) Create and maintain Subplay official GitHub, official website, etc. introduce Subplay to the outside world, and regularly publish Subplay project plan and progress.

(2) In the subplay WeChat group, the telegram group answers all kinds of questions;

(3) Learn Substrate over time and create a DApp to deploy to Subplay, or clone and deploy open source DApps to Subplay.

(4) Communicate and persuade as many people as possible to deploy the validators to increase the decentralization and security of Subplay.

(5) Create text, pictures, and video tutorials. Let users understand various functions, familiar with various operations.

(6) Optimize the user experience of Subplay. For example, Chinese users often fail to connect or the connection is too slow when the Play test website is connected with polkadot official browser. After the launch of Subplay mainnet, it will consider deploying functions similar to polkadot official browser, but the server will be deployed in China, so that Chinese users can connect more quickly.

(7) Liaise and communicate with the Substrate community to introduce Subplay. At least let developers know there is a Subplay chain, giving them one more option when developing projects. In addition to the usual introduction in the network, it will also be introduced in reality. There will be a Substrate Developers Meeting in Chengdu on 30th of this month, and if the plan can be approved, I will attend the meeting and introduce the Subplay project to the developers.

(8) In the early stage, I will create a subplay OTC trading group and act as a trading guarantor, so that PLAY holders can trade PLAY safely when PLAY isn’t listed in any exchange.

(9) When parallel threading technology is mature, let Subplay connect to polkadot via parallel threads. If it can grow in the future, it can also consider buying a polkadot slot to become a polkadot parallel chain and share the polkadot ecology.

(10) I will be involved in all the work arising from the use of the project funds, as mentioned in the second point. In addition, I will set up a dedicated telegram channel for the publication of every use of the fund, so that the use of the fund is transparent and open.

I expect that holders will have many questions about this plan, so I will list and answer some of them here:

1, Why didn’t you publish the plan before mapping the PLAY token?

My initial idea was that all tokens were completely mapped and no additional tokens were issued. As for the rewards for those who contribute to the project, they can be obtained from Subplay’s Treasury function. However, during the actual test, I realized that due to the currency price of PLAY, the value generated by Treasury may only be worth more than 100 yuan per month, which is not enough to provide incentives at all. But the mapping is already underway, so I’ll have to wait until now to announce the new plan. But I did not break my promise, because in the mapping plan, I only promised to open the PLAY chain, I did not promise that I would still work for the chain for free after the official main network was opened.

2, Who controls the project fund?

Although I hope the fund is controlled in a democratic way, my participation in other project experience indicates that this way for small project will bring a lot of problems. The most serious problem is holders have different opinions about how to use the fund, such as short-term holders want to cash as soon as possible, they want a quick pump and dump game, so that they can get money quickly. The long-term holders will want to build as much infrastructure as possible so that the chain is really of high value, and then make reasonable money as it grows. These discordant ideas will lead to persistent quarrels, serious internal friction, impact on the relationship between holders, reduce the efficiency of the use of funds, and ultimately lead to project failure. So in this plan, the fund will be under my control, but I will disclose every use of the fund. For larger fund expenditures, I would ask the community, and if the majority strongly opposes the expenditures, I would not force them to pass. If Subplay grows in the future, we can also set up an institution like Polkadot Council to make the use of the fund more democratic.

3, Will I take kickbacks using project funds?

First of all, every expenditure of the Fund is transparent and open, and subject to oversight at all times. In addition, those of you who have worked on previous ENU projects should know that I am very averse to kickbacks. At that time, some members of the ENU community were planning to spend more than 5 million yuan in funds to get ENU to list at a less popular exchange. Many members of the community oppose the spending, which they see as kickbacks. I was also strongly opposed to this proposal and was therefore hated by many so-called community KOLs. So if I took a kickback from the project fund, I would be humiliating myself. In addition, if I use these funds to take rebates, it is bound to make Subplay grow less than expected, then the value of 167.88 million PLAY will be greatly reduced in 2022, so I will not take rebates in order to protect my reputation or interests.

4, Is this a plan to get something for nothing?

I pay real money for my Play, just like any other Play holder. I can announce, the address that has the second largest number of PLAY in the mapping: 5Hg1A6igTPS3t4nLoN4SRTjtjEWU8QThNnUEzzkHXUGnRAnK is owned by me. In my plan, the coins in this account will not be sold throughout 2021, except for the possibility that they will be transferred to a more secure cold wallet address. (It is my plan to lock these self-mapped tokens, which may change in case of urgent need for money. But locking up the tokens that reward me is my promise, so these tokens that reward me are not going to be sold in 2021 anyway). So I really spent a lot of my money to invest in this project, and I hope to build Subplay for a long time, and then benefit from it. But not try to get something for nothing from this plan.

5, Why work full-time for Subplay in only 2021?

After a year of working on all aspects of Subplay, it’s easy to see where Subplay can go. If after a year of work there is no improvement, then maybe we can decide that the chain really does not have much hope and I need to find another route. Of course, the best outcome is that after a year of hard work, Subplay can grow, then we can renegotiate the new plan, and I can still continue to work for Subplay even for free.

6, Why promise not to sell reward tokens for the entire year of 2021?

The idea is to tell investors that I want to build the Subplay chain over the long term, to make it of real value, and then make money in a reasonable way. Rather than, like many other projects, pull new then cut leek to get cheat money. Later, if technology allows, I will use smart contracts to make the 167.88 million reward tokens immobile for the entire year of 2021. Although this project is not a scam project, I still hope everyone invests rationally. Just because it is not a scam project does not mean that you will definitely make money by investing in it, just as it does if you invest in Bitcoin.

7, Am I the Subplay project owner?

First of all, I am not the initiator of the project. It was first proposed by AP. I just took the lead in starting the chain. I won’t execute the project until half of the Play Coins vote to approve it, so I’m not the project owner. You can think of Subplay as a small factory owned by the collective, with all the factory owners voting for me to be the director and sole worker. At the same time, I am also a shareholder in the factory, so I will do everything possible to make the factory well out of both my responsibility and my own interests. So later on, if all goes well, the factory will expand and more workers will be able to come in. If it develops better, a board of directors can be set up in the future to make the operation of the factory more standardized and democratic.